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2 new AI tools do not write your emails – but they make them sound a lot better



Even if we all try to optimize and limit our email time, we need it (at least for the moment!) To maintain the buzz of our brands. In fact, it’s the backbone of communication for many businesses – it’s often our first line of communication with everyone we talk to, from the client to the colleague.

It is very important to use email for the first time, not only because a short, well-designed email generates a better response rate, but also because your messaging style can directly affect customer loyalty and future sales.

If you’re not a professional writer (or if you’re working with a content marketing company that can help you), you may not even notice how your emails are received or if they’re over the top breath.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence is progressing and your emails are improving. Here are 2 AI-based tools to help you send better emails as quickly as possible.

1. Grammar tone detector
Available at Gmail and Yahoo

Have you ever written an e-mail and thought, “Do I seem too formal?” or “Am I too impatient?”

Well, with the Grammarly Tone Detector, you do not have to wonder if you are giving the right tone to your emails. The detector uses a combination of rules and machine learning to find the signals of a script leading to their sound. It takes everything into account, from word selection to phrasing, punctuation and capitalization.

The tone detector ensures that your font reproduces the sound you expect from a specific audience (no surprises when they answer).

You’ll feel better than ever when you send an email – and you’ll be able to build better relationships with your customers and employees.

2. Boomerang Insights
Available in Gmail

If you’ve always wanted to improve your messaging experience, Boomerang Insights is here to help you explain exactly how it works. This recently released program examines your inbox to determine the type of sound you’re using, your playback time, how often your emails are checked, how you’re saving messages, and more.

After analyzing your emails, Boomerang Insights displays a graph to help you determine the best time to send emails. (And that means you personally, not the entire messaging community).

For example, some of your emails sent after 10:00 pm were less polite (because you’re naturally late for bedtime), while your emails seemed more vigorous around 11:00 am (fully caffeinated!). Use this information to determine if it is better to send emails in the morning.

Putting these two programs into play will enable you to better understand how to become more productive and to obtain a better response in terms of e-mail.

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Tech News

Wirecutter’s best deals: Save $20 on a Tile Essentials Bluetooth tracker bundle



This publication was created in collaboration with Wirecutter. When readers choose to purchase editorial options independently chosen by Wirecutter, they can earn affiliate commissions that support their work. Read the list of continuously updated offers from Wirecutter here.


Image result for Wirecutter's best deals: Save $20 on a Tile Essentials Bluetooth tracker bundle


Available for $ 50, this is a great opportunity to get a fantastic starter package with three of our discounted Bluetooth tracker selectors. We saw this agreement a few days ago at the same price: it consists of 1 Mate, 1 Slim and 2 stickers. We like updated 2020 models for their main Bluetooth ranges, now up to 200 feet.

The sale price must end after today, 12/12, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

Tile Mate, Tile Slim and Tile Stickers are our options in our guide for the best Bluetooth tracker to keep your personal effects in order. Nick Guy wrote: “If you bought the Tile ecosystem, you may want to label more things than just your keys. Tile Slim (2020) and Tile Sticker (2020) use the same technology as Tile Mate, but in different styles that may be useful in a variety of situations. ”


Image result for Wirecutter's best deals: Save $20 on a Tile Essentials Bluetooth tracker bundle



If you are looking for a night light for your home, the Maz-Tek LED add-on is available in warm white for just under $ 10 when you cut the coupon on the page. Our night light option to decorate a comfortable and cozy room,

this light emits a pleasant brightness, perfect to illuminate an unknown space for guests; It is also very convenient to the sale price, so this discount softens the deal.

The Maz-Tek add-on is our option for night light in our cozy room guide. Writer Alex Arpaia, Wirecutter staff editor, wrote: “Both adults and children are stunned by jets and jet lag and will appreciate a night light to illuminate their path in an unknown space” and that “Maz The Affordable Tek it is available in a package of two and automatically turns on when the room gets dark. But its slim profile and attractive design is what distinguishes it. ”

If you like this special edition color design, this is a big deal for Logitech G502 Hero that exploits the previous offers we saw out of the water. $ 12 less than all the discounts we’ve seen in the past, this is a great opportunity to choose a mouse for games with more weight and more assignable buttons.



Image result for Wirecutter's best deals: Save $20 on a Tile Essentials Bluetooth tracker bundle


The optional weights chosen in our guide for the best wired gaming mouse, Logitech G502 Hero stand out from our other options for customization. Wirecutter editor Thorin Klosowski wrote: “The hero Logitech G502 has divided our test panel. Three of the panelists adored him and praised his comfort,

the placement of the buttons and his best scroll wheel in the category. But no It is as comfortable for many dimensions and handles as our main choice: our small grip testers could not easily reach all the buttons.The G502 has 11 buttons, four more than the DeathAdder and offers adjustable weights, unlike the DeathAdder.Up to 16,000 DPI , but the software is a bit weirder and the lighting is less customizable than that of DeathAdder. ”

Up to $ 160, this is an excellent price for Monolith M565C headphones that match the historical minimum we published earlier. These headphones offer performance that defies the price, even at full price. We do not see too many offers on this option, so if you are looking for some new Monoprice headphones for you (or as a gift), now is the time to buy.



Image result for Wirecutter's best deals: Save $20 on a Tile Essentials Bluetooth tracker bundle

In our guide to the best audiophile headphones every day, Monoprice Monopith M565C headphones are our best choice. Lauren Dragan, lead writer for Wirecutter, wrote: “First of all: the Monolith headphones from Monoprice M565C are really a joy to hear.

The sound is improved at both high and low frequencies more than what is technically considered neutral, but The effect is the light treble supported by a deep and deep bass base.Many similarly tuned headphones confuse the bass or make the treble so irregular that they become painful.But the 565C prevents penetrating, sizzling or blurry sounds. I would expect at this price, which is particularly evident in classical concert music or other live recorded music. ”

Since great offers do not occur only on Thursdays, subscribe to our email to receive daily offers and we will send you the best offers we find every day of the week. In addition, the offers are constantly changing and some of them could be

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Google fully rolls out RCS in the US with Messages and Carrier Services update



Earlier this week, we noticed how Rich Communication Services was enabled in the United States after a Carrier Services update. Google announced today that RCS is now fully available in Messages for Android in the United States.

Google’s communication products chief, Sanaz Ahari, announced this morning that “RCS is now available to all users in the United States since Monday.” He advised users to “update messages and support services”.



Image result for Google fully rolls out RCS in the US with Messages and Carrier Services update



A little less than a month ago, the company revealed how RCS Chat is taking all Android users in the United States. As in the United Kingdom, France and Mexico, Google is “updating messages” directly instead of waiting for managers. This occurs before AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon in the United States are preparing their own Inter-operator Messaging Initiative (CCMI). Scheduled for 2020, it will require a new application instead of the default Android client.

The SMS / MMS replacement allows you to write in real time at the end of the conversations and read the receipts, although both can be deactivated. There are also higher resolution photos and videos thanks to a cloud back-end, larger group conversations and corporate messages with airlines and stores. It works through Wi-Fi or data connections, with SMS / MMS that would otherwise be used as backup.

During the announcement last month, Google expected full availability by the end of the year and exceeded the goal with a few weeks remaining. After downloading or updating the latest version of Messaggi (currently 5.2) and back-end support services (32.0.283645144) from the Play Store, you will be asked to update to RCS. You can also visit Settings> Chat functions to configure and control.

Messages sent via SMS are called texts, with Google trying to encourage the adoption of the “chat” language for RCS. The application detects contacts with the new standard enabled and the conversation field will say “Chat messages” in this case. Otherwise, it will continue saying “SMS”.

Google concluded last month’s announcement by pointing out how “it will continue to work to bring [RCS] to all messages worldwide.”

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Ap Phong Phu (APP), Viet-nam Guest Chat Rooms without registration



I am an inveterate charlatan. I miss the days of AIM and Gchat; I regularly reread the fantastic essay n + 1 on the history and emergence of the chats. Then, when I saw Yap, a new chat application developed by Postlight, a digital product studio, I was immediately curious. When I started it, I immediately connected.


Image result for ap is the best new chatroom



Yap is quite simple. It is a six-person chat room (“Why seven is annoying,” says the official blog), where every message you post deletes what you previously posted; You can only say one thing at a time.

There is a place where the room owner can insert a link to discuss it as an argument (such as a Twitch transmission). If you decide to make your Yap room public by sharing the link somewhere, other people can see what you are saying in real time.

Basically, there is no story; Actually, you should pay attention to what people write when they write it in real time. It’s weird, nowadays, since almost everything else (other than Signal, maybe and Snapchat) is asynchronous. You can enter at any time, which means you can recover. Not so in Yap. It’s about being present in the moment, whatever it is for you.


Image result for ap is the best new chatroom


Yap was a wandering idea that one day I had for all the reasons one would expect, “says Paul Ford, co-founder and CEO of Postlight, in addition to DM. His original presentation to the Labs group of the study, which realized the product, was I was referring to the creation of a chat room to decide where to have lunch.

“That was my use case, but I was probably thinking it would have been nice not to have a lot of nonsense that would follow you in your records.”

And it is beautiful! It looks light and ephemeral in the old school way. Here, your story does not follow you, as happens anywhere else. Adam Pash, head of the Postlight Labs team, said Yap chat rooms die if nobody posts messages for a day and the messages disappear with them.

Image result for ap is the best new chatroom


“When the room is gone, the messages leave. We never write any of the messages on the disk,” he tells The Verge. It is an application to chat together, depending on the tone, as in real life. (You can’t scroll through your friends’ conversations when you join them at the bar).

In addition, Postlight does not expect to earn money. “What is the business model? Who cares! We make business models all day. The Web can have something simply fun,” co-founder Rich Ziade wrote on the company’s blog. And that’s it

Imagine it! Fun is very rare these days, at least online. Between the humorless reproaches on Twitter and the omnossity of the advertisers who aspire to collect each fragment of their personal data, it is difficult to remember what the website looked like and what its original purpose was. The point was to walk with your friends. It turns out it’s still fun!

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